Baader 13mm Hyperion Eyepiece

1.25-inch / 2-inch 68 degree Apparent Field of View ocular with excellent image sharpness

A comfortable view - easily visible even with eyeglasses. A field of view of 68 degrees has been tested as being ideal for astronomical observations. It is the largest field of view that can be viewed without strain and turning your eyes. Excellent Image Sharpness both on axis and over the entire visible field these eyepieces offer an excellent image sharpness. Even short focal ratio Newtonians at an extreme f/4.5 offer good, sharp stars over the entire field.

Very good light throughput and contrast, Hyperion eyepieces have an excellent multi-layer coating on each glass-to-air surface. Blackened lens edges and a blackened interior of the eyepiece body further reduce internal reflections and ghost images. No Kidney-Beaning Cheap eyepieces and too extreme wide angle eyepieces often suffer from "Kidney-Beaning". When you move the head only slightly a black, kidney-shaped shadow will cover a part of the field of view.

Baader Phantom Coating Group
The best anti-reflection appears almost colourless: this proves that the anti-reflective coating over the entire visible spectrum is equally good effect. Phantom Group anti-reflection coatings are - depending on the type of glass - almost entirely colourless. In this way it is ensured that the least amount of light for a night-adapted eye is lost without any stray light.

1.25" and 2" Dual Barrel Hyperion eyepieces do not only have a 1.25" barrel. The lower part of the eyepiece body is built as an additional 2" barrel similar to the superb Vixen LVW ep's.

Weight 390

Baader 13mm Hyperion Eyepiece

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