ProStar - 180mm Slotted Dovetail Bar

Universal adjustable Vixen style mounting bar for many telescope and guide scope mounting applications

Super rigid metal black anodised universal style dovetail mounting bar to suit just about any tube ring type telescope mounting requirement.

Our new ProStar (Vixen style) universal slotted dovetail bar will cover many applications for conventional Vixen style mount heads like Vixen, Sky-Watcher, Celestron etc.

Beautifully finished, solid metal construction featuring 4 x 8mm holes along 70mm slots on each side.

Has central hole threaded 1/4 inch Whitworth for use with camera tripod type mounting screws.

It's highly flexible slotted design makes it perfect for side by side guide scope counter-balancing adjustment or for piggyback use with a 1/4 inch Whitworth tube ring screw or with a Vixen or Sky-Watcher X-Y guide mount base.

Type: Vixen dovetail
Length: 180mm
Weight: 135 gms
Slot length: 70mm
Slot width: 6.2mm x 2
Hole diameters: 8mm x 4 (35mm spaced each side and 55mm between the two centre-most holes)

ProStar - 180mm Slotted Dovetail Bar

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