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ProStar - Artificial Star Generator

Do you own star test collimation conveniently in a controlled environment anytime and anywhere

This artificial star generator allows you to inspect the optical (on axis light transmission) of telescopes such as refractors, Catadioptric and Newtonian designs.

- Fast collimation for Newtonian reflector at high accuracy
- Inspect the light axis of Schmidt-Cassegrains and refractors and test the accuracy of the mirrors and lenses
- Test the star status in the middle and edge of a lens
- Test imaging status in the middle and edge of an eyepiece
- Collimate your optics on cloudy nights or indoors without effects of major atmospheric air turbulence

By examining the airy disk produced by your telescopes optics, you can collimate the instrument more precisely. You should not attempt any adjustments to your telescope unless you are completely confident and familiar with the manufacturers design and procedure for doing so.

As usually for 200-300 magnification we suggest 2-3mm eyepiece without barlow to guarantee stability

By comparing the perfect images in airy disk and the contrast value between the bright and dark regions, the in-focus and out of focus aberrations, you can judge the performance of the lens such as coma in Newtonian reflectors, the polishing and correctness of APO lens installation while avoiding the effects of poor atmospheric disturbances.

Advantages of using the Artificial Star
The diameter of artificial star is around 0.1mm, imitating the effect of an airy disk
Brightness of artificial star:2-5 limited magnitude by free adjustment
Freedom from annoying environmental and local climate influences.

Comes with external 3VDC battery pack with power on/off switch. Takes AA size batteries.
**Batteries not included**

ProStar - Artificial Star Generator

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