ProStar 7mm-21mm Zoom Eyepiece

1.25 - Adjustable multi-power eyepiece with parfocal zooming 18mm eye-relief

An affordable multi-magnification solution. This multi-element super plossl design, zooming eyepiece, inserts in to your telescopes focuser and you simply twist the rubber gripped barrel to zoom in or out on any subject.

Provides multiple magnifications from 7mm through to 21mm eyepiece saving the fuss of interchanging several eyepieces during a single observing session. Also provides very good eye relief with fully multicoated optics. Has rubber eyeguard especially useful for those who wear glasses and is threaded to take 1.25" filters.

With 18mm eye-relief it is also a very good option for Ha-Solar scopes when you want to zoom in conveniently to that interesting sunspot or prominence.

Can also be attached to your DSLR camera using a ProStar 40mm T-thread adaptor

ProStar 7mm-21mm Zoom Eyepiece

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