0.85x Focal Reducer/Corrector

Designed for serious Astro-Imagers and optimized for the Saxon / Sky-Watcher / Synta ED80. This is a superb quality accessory which effectively reduces the telescopes focal length by a factor of 0.85x and provides much improved field-edge correction.


Reduces the focal ratio of the saxon 80 ED Refractor Telescope from F/7.5 to F/6.38, reducing exposure time for astrophotography. Also provides field-edge correction, removing abberrations your shots, leaving you with beautiful, crisp images.

Has M48 output thread so required M48 size T-ring adaptor for DSLR's or the ProStar adaptor ring.

Saxon ED80 0.85X Focal Reducer/Corrector

SKU: 641008
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