VIXEN C-mount Tele-extender 2.4X
Excellent 2.4X integrated 1.25-inch C-mount barlow for planetary cameras

Increase image scale of the Moon and planets by 2.4X with Vixen precision using this convenient 1.25-inch C-Mount nose piece with your camera. Simply screws on to any c-mount threaded CCD camera and the camera is then inserted directly into the telescopes focuser like an eyepiece.

On its own it is perfect for telescopes with longer primary focal lengths like Schmidt Cassegrains, Maksutovs and many refractors. For imaging the planets or Moon with telescopes of shorter focal lengths like a Newtonian it can be inserted into any 1.25-inch 2X or 3X barlow for futher increased image scale. The perfect accessory for the GSTAR-EX camera, Imaging Source and other C-mount threaded video cameras.

VIXEN C-mount Tele-extender 2.4X

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