Vixen - POLARIE Multi Mounting Block

POLARIE Multi Mounting Block to attach Vixen dovetail plates such as a dovetail slide DD

Loading capacity of the POLARIE star tracker can be increased up to approx. 6.5kg through proper balance, in order to mount heavy equipment such as telephoto lens instead of using originally supplied mounting block.


¦ Upon relaxing the clamp lever, it facilitates change of pointing direction freely.
¦ The provided PFL compatible hole permits polar alignment without removal of the POLARIE polar scope PFL using the dovetail slide bar DD or dovetail slide bar PG.

In combination with major accessories such as the doveail slide bar DD and dovetail slide bar PG, deep-sky photography using telephoto lens or compact optical tube can be easily put into practice.

Rotating Mechanism: Friction control with clamp lever
Loding:6.5kg without counterweight under 65kg·cm torque load from 10cm center of gravity
Size Dia: 78mm x 66mm in height
Weight: 440 gms

Vixen - POLARIE Multi Mounting Block

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