Vixen SLV 2.5mm Lanthanum Eyepiece 1.25-inch

SLV series 2.5mm lanthanum eyepiece 50 deg FOV with solid anti-roll body for lunar and planetary observers

The Vixen SLV eyepieces feature long 20mm eye relief and extremely high-grade lanthanum (rare-earth-element) glasses to minimise aberrations (spurious colours). Lenses are fully multicoated to reduce reflections and improve light transmission for high contrast views and elimination of ghost images. With twist-up click-stop eyecups they are perfect for those who wear eye eyeglasses and help shield unwanted and distracting external light sources.


-The twist-up eyecup off a comfortable viewing position to your eye.
-The eyepiece body is made of solid metal. The eye guard and gripping part are made of rubber.
-Fully multi-coated optics.
-Quality Lanthanum glass is used for clear and high contrast images.
-A long 20mm eye relief.
-50 degrees apparent field of view.
-The gripping part is formed uniquely to prevent the eyepiece from rolling when it is laid on its side.

With the same renowned optical quality as the NLV series, Vixen's superb SLV range yield sharp undistorted 50 degree AFOV views across the entire field.

The SLV2.5mm is an outstanding ocular for close up planetary and lunar views when atmospheric seeing permits.

Vixen SLV 2.5mm Lanthanum Eyepiece 1.25-inch

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