Vixen - VC Extension Tube

VC extension tube adds 66mm (2.6-inch) length to the optical path

Where your application may require extension of the optical path, sometimes necessary for prime focus imaging etc, Vixen's VC extension tube adds 66mm (2.6-inch) length to the optical path of telescopes with 60mm diameter drawtubes.

The VC extension tube is also useful for observing with Vixen's Japan manufactured refractors so that you can utilise a common 1.25-inch 45° or 60° diagonal directly at the back of the telescope instead of being attached via the direct path of their flip mirror systems.
The benefit of this is the reduction of overall size and weight with less internal obstruction for viewing.

This can be achieved if you combine the VC extension tube (screwed directly to the telescope's focuser barrel) using the Vixen #3725 EA 60mm to 50.8mm adaptor and a typical 2-inch to 1.25 inch reducer.

If using Vixen's #3878 Direct Wide Photo Adaptor with a Vixen refractor, this VC extension may be required.

Vixen - VC Extension Tube

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