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Vixen - POLARIE Star Trackeradd this item to shopping cartThis product is highly recommended
Code: 35505
Brilliant, precision Japanese designed and made, compact and light-weight, camera tracking system for tripods.

Capture stunning portraits of the night sky with this incredibly compact electronic tracking platform from Vixen Japan.

Stars and other celestial bodies move across the sky because our planet is in constant motion and because taking photos of the night sky requires long exposure times, this motion shows stars as drifted in the final result. The Polarie Star Tracker’s electronic motor drive system allows a mounted camera to move smoothly at the exact same rate the Earth rotates to ensure beautiful deep colourful exposures of the Milky Way, Moon and planets with nice pinpoint stars.

With its sleek, compact & sturdy design, it is the perfect accessory for any professional or hobby photographer and with its ability to work in either hemisphere is also great for outback and overseas traveller / adventurers. Perfect for taking that special comet photo, widefield shots of the Milky Way, or following the upcoming transit of Venus or a total solar eclipse!

Note: The Polarie Star Tracker uses the very same precision ball bearings as are used in the super high grade SXP equatorial mount.


- Four Tracking Speeds (southern and northern hemisphere switchable)
- Powered by 2 x AA batteries or external USB power
- Can handle spotting scopes or Digital Cameras up to 3 kg
- Fits onto any standard camera tripod
- Built in Tilt Meter (for setting to correct axis of the south celestial pole from current latitude)
- Mini Ball Compass (to aid in finding celestial south or north)
- Detailed instruction manual

**Requires a ball head T-mount adaptor (not included) to orient the camera to your desired part of the sky.

SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3

After aligning Polarie to the celestial pole with the handy compass and tilt meter, just turn the dial to the desired tracking mode.

Also features a special Star-Scape ˝ speed setting to allow for distant foreground features like tree line, mountains or buildings to feature in the shots without blurring when the correct exposure time is selected.

We have tested it and it is indeed an excellent product.

**Don't risk buying (similar in appearance) chinese imitation products which have been tested and shown to have poor tracking accuracy compared to the original Vixen Japan Polaire **

Stocks are sometimes limited and lead time may be up to 2 weeks from ordering.

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