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Astro Tent Mk ii

Protect your telescope with this made-for-telescopes tent.


WE USE THIS TENT OURSELVES!  No manufacturer provided information here!  All our own experience.


This tent is large enough for most Cassegrain, Refractors and Newtonian telescopes on an equatorial or alt az mounts.

Use it at a star party to house your equipment and camp bed, help provide some shade for your computer to the outside & provide protection from wind and stray light.

The easy to deploy domed roof structure provides quick protect from unexpected rain showers and from excessive dew build up once you have completed your evening's activities.


The new Astro Tent Mk ii features:

*   Made of light weight poly-ester material that is water resistant

*  One-piece floor and sides

*  Removable roof sheet

*  Carbon fibre poles for frame and for the domed roof sheet so water drains off the roof

*  Tent pegs and guy ropes to secure the tent to the ground

*  Carry bags for tent, poles and poles

*  Four zipper access flaps

*  Roof sheet extends over walls but does not seal the tent so dew and moisture buid-up inside the tent can escape.

*  Roof clearance to underside of roof poles approximately 1.75m

*  Internal diameter approximately 2.5m


The Astro Tent Mk ii can be used with smaller mass production dobsonain telescopes up to 12", though it will be tight with a 12" mass produced dobsonian like the Saxon 12".


Please note: the Astro Tent Mk ii is only intended to be used as a temporary shelter structure.  It is not intended for harsh conditions of high wind or torential rain or as a permanent installation.

Astro Tent Mk ii

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