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Atlas of the Southern Night Sky 5th Edition

Top Selling updated 5th edition of this Australian authored & published practical book for southern star gazers

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky is the most popular, practicle book for Southern Hemisphere astronomers and now in its 5th printing and a a smaller, more convenient field guide size.

This record selling beautifully illustrated Sky Atlas book for the Southern Hemisphere is produced in Australia and written by Australian astronomers for southern hemisphere observers. It includes easy-to-follow star charts and descriptions at sensible magnitude limits for most telescope owners. Features a host of accessible deep-sky objects visible from most urban areas with contributions from amateur astronomers in Australia and New Zealand.

Covering a basic introduction to the night sky, what we can see, how it is navigated and what to look for, it also delves into the Moon and planetary observing with authoritative information on how to best observe these celestial targets. This is the comprehensive reference book most observers in the southern hemisphere will appreciate for years to come.

- 304 full colour glossy pages in soft back
- Over 100 star charts and maps (visible using a red light torch). Maps of the Moon and planets.
- Fully illustrated with images by amateur astronomers in Australia and New Zealand to give a true perspective of amateur astronomy and what can be seen and photographed.
- Constellations and objects visible throughout the year.
- Tips & tricks.
- Monthly Object Sky Planner.
- Astrophotography and image processing.
- 187 x 243mm

ISBN 9781925546378

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky 5th Edition

SKU: ISBN 9781925546378
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