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Baader - 2-in to 1.25-in Step down adaptor with T2

Precision 2-inch to 1.25 step down adaptor with brass ring clamping and T2 threaded

Beautifully built and finished, this 2 inch to 1.25 inch step down adaptor allows you to convert your 2 inch focuser for use with 1.25 inch eyepieces and accessories. A captive spring bronze lock ring guarantees protection of your eyepiece barrels from damage and incorporates two large nickel plated brass knurled clamp screws that are oriented 90 degrees apart. The two clamp screws provide a superior 3-point attachment that completely constrains your equipment from wobble, particularly important for imaging applications. Also, for those users that are physically unable to firmly grasp and tighten lock screws, the addition of a second screw doubles the locking force (ie, particularly nice for those unable to grip tightly due to arthritis).

The input side is provided with 48mm filter thread and includes a nested internal T-2 thread which enables you to use the adaptor along with the other T-2 system components. One more unique feature is that it also includes an external T-2 thread that surrounds the eyepiece opening (covered and dressed by a knurled removable ring). This thread permits you to couple other T-2 accessories to the output side. In one application, you can attach T-2 Extension Tubes and create an extremely rigid afocal or eyepiece projection system. This terrific adaptor offers you the freedom to creatively construct your own combinations.

Baader - 2-in to 1.25-in Step down adaptor with T2

SKU: BAA2408190
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