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Baader 2-inch Fringe Killer Filter

Minimises unwanted blue / purple fringing in achromatic refractors

Discover your refractor anew using the BAADER Fringe-Killer Filter which minimises unwanted blue fringing, comparable to a Minus-Violet-Filter, while retaining a very pleasing colour balance (a very important factor). This would be a contradiction in itself only made possible by applying modern DWDM plasma assisted coating technology,allowing almost a hundred coating layers to be accumulated onto a planoptically polished substrate without destroying the optical figure!

This fine optical tool will help a small refractor to really put the advertised magnification within reach. Performance rivals that of the most expensive color correcting lens systems, costing 20 times as much!

Filter cell height: 6mm

Baader 2-inch Fringe Killer Filter

SKU: 245 8375
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