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Baader - Astro Solar Safety Film 20 x 30cm

BAADER A4 size Solar film is ND 5 ( 0.00001 transmission) for direct visual use

White light solar safety film reduces the Suns intensity by one hundred thousand times.

The material making this specialised filter is ion implanted and metallized with a tough, colour-neutral layer on both sides of the film. This ion implantation/metallization process (also patented), produces a high-contrast film that stands up to considerable abuse. The coating cannot easily be rubbed off.. Since the material is coated on both sides, even if you find a pinhole on one side, it is likely that the other side is still coated, providing the protection of that single layer. Since it is nearly impossible for any manufacturer to produce filter coating that is absolutely pinhole-free, a few pinholes may be found.

Size 20 x 30cm
Includes instructions

Baader - Astro Solar Safety Film 20 x 30cm

SKU: BAA2459281
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