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Baader Hyperion M43 / T-2 Adaptor

The Baader Hyperion Digital T-adapters permit direct coupling of any T-threaded camera or accessory to Baader's The Hyperion M43/T2 adapter attaches to the M43 thread of the Hyperion fixed focal length eyepieces and the Hyperion 8-24mm click stop Zoom (upper section removed).

These adapters provide an external T-thread (M42x0.75) right at the eyelens of the Hyperions which enable these eyepieces to be used with CCD and DSLR cameras for classic eyepiece projection photography. With this adapter, any T-2 extension tubes can be used in-between the eyepiece and camera to project and magnify the image as much as desired. The threaded direct-coupling makes this system extremely rigid and compact.

Suitable for later MKIII zoom eyepieces when removing the upper twist up eyecup section to reveal the M43 male thread.

Baader Hyperion M43 / T-2 Adaptor

SKU: 2958080
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