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Baader UV/IR Cut-off filter 1.25-inch
High Quality Baader UV/IR rejection filter for astrophotography

The ultimate UV and Infrared blocker, featuring hard Ionbeam coatings, and fine optically polished glass! The ideal filter for the NexImage and other CCD imagers. This filter has an extremely sharp cutoff at 690nm yet leaves all the visible red, including the important 656nm H-alpha emission line, preventing IR wavelengths from blurring fine detail in your digital images.This filter is a must for all digital imaging with CCD cameras, digital cameras and webcams. It corresponds to the L ("Luminance") filter in an RGB filter set. Provides pinpoint stellar images.

Exciting possibilities in combination with other filters! For example, when combined with the Solar Continuum Filter, the entire accessible electromagnetic spectrum is blocked with the exception of a narrow region around 540nm.

Freedom from ghost images (very low reflection multi-coating) enables pinpoint star images and fine planetary detail. Ultra-Hard Ionbeam hardened coatings. This process results in a dense, sealed and highly scratch-resistant coating surface.
Threads onto most all 1 ¼" eyepieces, NexImage and other CCD 1.25" threaded cameras.


Baader UV/IR Cut-off filter 1.25-inch

SKU: 2459207A
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