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Explore Scientific 2X tele-extender ( barlow ) 1.25"

High Quality 1.25 inch Explore Scientific Multi-element, 2x barlow lens for lunar / planetary imaging and visual

More magnification choices without sacrificing eye relief:

A good Focal Extender adds some real versatility to your telescope accessory line-up. First of all, it allows you to increase the magnification of any eyepiece with the same barrel size that you already own. In other words, 3 eyepieces offer 6 magnification choices with the addition of a focal extender. Secondly, most of the time, lower magnification eyepieces have better eye relief than higher power models. When using a focal extender to increase your magnification, you get to enjoy the generous eye relief of the lower power eyepiece, and that's quite a bonus, especially for eyeglass wearers or for those with fast telescopes who can really push high magnification eyepieces.

This great 2X tele-extender lens is very popular for use with Cassegrain telescopes when doing CCD lunar or planetay imaging. This ergonomically designed tele-extender (barlow) lens is just what you need to view Jupiter, Saturn or fine detail in the craggy lunar surface. We highly recommended it for planetary and lunar imaging with fast optics like Newtonian and common refractors that normally yield small views due to their typically shorter focal lengths.

Beautifully CNC machined 1.25-inch (31.7mm) barrel with non-marring compression ring, this barlow (tele-extender lens) will make an impressive addition to your eyepiece collection.

Fully multi-coated optics and threaded to take 1.25 inch filters like a ProStar UV/IR blocking filter for accurate planet colour reproduction, this barlow lens features a large rubber thumb grip for easy camera orientation in the dark when needed.


Mulit-element - fully multi-coated
Standard 1.25 inch with brass anti-marring compression ring
Barrel Size 1.25-inch
Length 96mm
Weight 260 grams

Explore Scientific 2X tele-extender ( barlow ) 1.25"

SKU: VSB02/2
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