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Exploring The Moon

A great compact practical guide to our nearest celestial neighbour.

EXPLORING THE MOON - by Steve Massey

Written and published in Australia and sold in New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, this comprehensive and compact guide contains a wealth of fascinating insights into our nearest celestial neighbour. This title has appeared in rare hardback editions and continues to be a great introductory title on our nearest neighbour for southern hemisphere observers.

From the bold Cold War missions of Russia and the United States as they raced one another to the Moon and the resulting science that has helped to expand our knowledge of our nearest neighbour and its make-up, this book takes you on a nightly journey along the lunar terminator providing useful tips on how to explore the most prominent features visible with small to medium sized telescopes. Including full colour quadrant charts for each section of the lunar near-side, this book will greatly assist you with visual identification of the various craters, valley's, mountains, clefts a many other topographic features.

Packed with interesting facts, diagrams, illustrations and a plethora of useful information about telescopes and accessories, Exploring the Moon is the ultimate pocket guide reference to the Moon for Southern Hemisphere observers.

Featured in Australian Sky & Telescope magazine, this is the best price on this title you'll find in Australia.
If you would like your copy signed by the author, please advise at time of purchase.

Good Reading Magazine.
Soft Cover 224 pages - 137 x 210mm - RRP $19.95

Exploring The Moon

SKU: ISBN 1741102022
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