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Prostar 2 inch & 1.25 inch Laser Collimator

A quick and simple way to collimate your Newtonian. The red beam laser collimating device simply fits into the focuser and projects a beam of laser light through the optical system. Providing very accurate collimation results that saves time.


This collimator will fit both 1.25 inch and 2 inch focusers.


Comes in a fitted box with instructions.


An astronomer's tip -

NOTE:  A laser collimator alone will not complete the whole alignment procedure for a Newtonian telescope.  A laser collimator cannot be used to determine if the secondary mirror is in the optimal position in relation to the focuser and the primary mirror.  If a laser collimator is the only tool used in the collimatin process, a false alignment of the optics can result!

Use this laser collimator in conjunction with either the Prostar long (VSE17-long) or short (VSE17-short) Cheshire eyepiece.  These Cheshire eyepieces are used FIRST to accurately centre and adjust the secondary mirror before using a laser collimator for superior results.

Prostar 2 inch & 1.25 inch Laser Collimator

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