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ProStar - 3X Barlow Lens with T-2 Camera thread

Quality 3 times power 1.25-inch (31.7mm) Barlow lens to increase eyepiece magnification and photography

Multi-coated dual purpose 3X Barlow lens with removable threaded amplifying lens and male M42 x 0.75 camera atachment thread. Excellent for bumping up the magnification for lunar and planetary imaging for larger image scales.

1. Can be used visually to double the power of any inserted eyepiece while preserving comfortable viewing.

2. Conveniently threaded at the top of the barrel housing for easy attachment to standard (M42x0.75mm) T-ring camera adapters for use in astrophotography. Perfect for DSLR users to increase image scale when targeting subjects like small nebulae, double stars, the planets, sunspots and lunar craters.

Includes dust proof end caps

ProStar - 3X Barlow Lens with T-2 Camera thread

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