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ProStar Adjustable Projection Camera Adaptor

T-Thread to 1.25-inch camera adapter for prime focus and eyepiece projection photography

Full precision machined metal construction with 1.25-inch to T-2 removable nosepiece and also takes standard 1.25-inch filters. Will thread directly to your camera T-ring adapter.

Takes standard 1.25-inch plossl type eyepieces with external housing no wider than 34mm and which are placed inside the camera adapter barrel for projecting an image direct to the CCD plane of a typical Digital SLR camera. (Note Vixen eyepieces not a suitable fit).
The projection distance is adjustable for easy image scale increase without the need to refocus or change out the internal eyepiece. The nose piece may be removed and threaded directly to the camera T-Adapter.

Can accept Vixen NPL 8, 10 or 15 eyepieces olus Sky-Watcher and Meade SP eyepieces among others.

Base is machine flat for accurate seating to the telescope focuser as opposed to other models with rounded edges. Also features black rubber grip.

ProStar Adjustable Projection Camera Adaptor

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