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ProStar Advanced T2 1.25 inch Flip Mirror

High precision, fully adjustable T-thread based flip mirror system, with dual levers, fine focuser, T-locking ring and high reflective mirror

A simply excellent engineered flip mirror system with adaptable T-threads on 3 sides, with helical style eyepiece focus adapter.

Precision flat mirror positioned at 45 degrees, similar to a diagonal mirror, can be flipped between two positions. Lower positions deflects the light to the eyepiece this allows for perfect object centring at low power. The upper position lets the light go directly to the imaging camera allowing the user to image the object previously centred in the eyepiece.

Flip Mirror Specifications

- Additional in-focus required: about 80 mm
- Mirror: precision high reflective optical mirror
- Weight: 200 g
- Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 73 mm (HxWxL)


- Dual Flip mirror lever (one each side)
- 1.25" nosepiece T-mount adapter
- T-T adapter locking ring
- FFS fine focusing set (helical style focuser)
- 1.25 inch removeable output adaptor
- M42 dust cap
- Allen key

For 2 inch focusers you can use our M42 to 2 inch nosepiece adaptor model PS-2MT2 with the flip mirror.

ProStar Advanced T2 1.25 inch Flip Mirror

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