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ProStar - Aluminium Dovetail Mounting Block

Sturdy light weight Vixen type dovetail receiver for guidescope, piggyback munting and other uses

Looking for a sturdy and sleek looking Vixen style dovetail receiver for a guidescope, a second scope or Vixen style head replacement ? Can be used as alternative mounting block receiver with Vixen Porta II mounts with direct hole matching.

This heavy duty machined aluminium mounting block has multiple mounting holes (8 all up) including 2 x 8.5mm and 4 x 6.5mm plus a centre 1/4 Whitworth threaded hole. Can be attached directly to the camera adaptor found on the tube rings of Sky-Watcher telescopes for an easy piggy back guide scope solution.

Can be mounted on standard camera tripod head to take your favourite lightweight dovetail fitted telescope.

Includes large easy grip locking thumb screw with sleek brass clamp to avoid scratching of the telescope dovetail bar.

Length 62 mm Width 62 mm Height 25 mm
Total weight 205 gms

ProStar - Aluminium Dovetail Mounting Block

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