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ProStar - Aluminium Dual Clamp Mounting Block MKII

Sturdy Vixen and Losmandy style aluminium dual clamping dovetail receiver for mounting telescopes

This is one really beautifully machined dual style telescope mounting adaptor. You have to touch / feel and use to appreciate such lovely machined engineering so if your looking for a sturdy, sleek looking Vixen and Losmandy dual style dovetail receiver for use with SCT's, MAK's, Refractors, RC's and Newtonians alike, this is it!.

This incredibly strong dual clamping system aluminium mounting block has multiple point recessed mounting holes (7 all up) and features two recessed brass clamps for extra edge surface strength gripping of your telescopes dovetail mounting bar / plate.

Includes 2 large easy grip locking hand / thumb screws with sleek brass clamps to avoid scratching of the telescope dovetail bar.Can be used as alternative mounting block receiver with Vixen Porta II mounts with direct hole matching.

Length 150 mm Width 103 mm Height 31 mm
Total weight 995 gms

ProStar - Aluminium Dual Clamp Mounting Block MKII

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