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ProStar - Binocular Phone Finderscope Mount

Mount your mobile phone to your binoculars and use your favorite planetarium app to find objects in the night sky

Now you can use your mobile phone mounted conveniently to your binoculars to find all type of celestial wonders using your phones best planetarium app.

Made for modern, thin style cell / mobile phones, simply mount your phone and align to a known target just as you would with a laser or optical finderscope. Lock of the ball head and you're ready to learn and find objects easily using your mobile phone app. Even switch to your phones camera mode if the need arises.


-Al metal contruction with large knurled thumb tightening screw for easy grip and non-scratch felt lined clamps.

-Screw directly into standard binocular tripod adaptor mounting thread (located in the front centre of the binocular)

-Fully adjustable ball head to allow you to tilt your mobile phone to the desired angle that suits your needs.

-Weight only 155 gms
-Maximum opening width: 92mm

Note** Suits phone thickness up to 12mm - Note that you may need to remove protective phone cover (if used) to fit securely into the clamp.

ProStar - Binocular Phone Finderscope Mount

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