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ProStar C thru T adaptor low profile

Super Low profile CNC machined T-thread male adaptor with central hole for male thread C-mount lenses to fit through.

Already own a ProStar C-mount 0.5X to 1.25 inch focal reducer and inward focus distance is critical? Also suitable for Vixen c-mount 2.4X tele-extender lens.

If you want to do LRGB imaging with your Lumicon 1.25 inch filter selector or Orion / BrightStar or ProStar 1.25 inch filter wheel, then this adaptor will keep things very low profile to ensure optimal inward focus.
Simply place your existing ProStar 0.5X focal reducer into the underside of this beautifully machined black anodised female T-adaptor to lock both the reducer and T-adaptor onto your C-mount video camera thread for a perfectly centred inferface between the telescopes primary optics.Designed in Australia, the adaptor is perfect for telescopes with limited inward focus.

With telescopes like classic Sky-Watcher Newtonians, simply unscrew the 1.25 inch eyepiece adaptor from the 2-inch mounting plate and attach the PS-MCTR adaptor directly to the male T-2 thread of the SkyWatcher 2-inch adaptor T-thread plate.

Features nice chunky knurled outer for easy grip and tightening.

ProStar C thru T adaptor low profile

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