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ProStar - Canon EOS lens to T2 and 1.25 inch adaptor

Easily Convert your Canon EOS lens into a mini zooming telescope or tracking mount auto-guider

If you use your Canon DLSR for imaging the night sky with your telescope, why not use the removed lens as a finderscope or even better, an auto-guider using the optional tube mounting ring?

Beautifully made, full metal construction, simply click on your Canon EOS lens to the front and slip and eyepiece or camera into the 1.25 inch compression ring visualback. Features two knurled chrome locking thumb screws for best centring of the non-marring compression ring.

Has a long 19mm M42 x 0.75 rear male thread with large locking ring for fixing focus points of eyepiece or camera. With attachable and detachable components can also be used for cameras with female M60 or M42 threads.


1 x Lens bayonet adaptor for Canon EOS type lenses with male 60mm rear thread.
1 x M60 female to M42 male thread adaptor
1 x M42 female to 1.25 inch pushfit eyepiece holder
1 x M42 x 0.75mm female T-thread locking ring

Weight: 135 grams

Use with a Vixen LV8-24mm zoom eyepiece to make a zooming telescope.

ProStar - Canon EOS lens to T2 and 1.25 inch adaptor

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