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ProStar - Concorde 290M Super Hi-Speed mono camera

Awesome Super hi-speed USB3, fine resolution monochrome camera (over 300 fps) for Planetary imaging or auto-guiding

Our best camera yet. The superior performance, USB3, hi-speed, hi-resolution black & white (monochrome) sensitivity for detailed planetary and lunar imaging. With a modern computer and solid state hard drive, you can capture crazy hi-speed video recordings over 300 frames per second when using ROI cropped to 640 x 480 and fastest exposure times. This means you'll have the ability to capture thousands more frames in a fraction of the time in order to beat the effects of changes in atmospheric "seeing".

The camera uses modern Sony Exmore Starvis CMOS image sensor and combined with the amazingly powerful interface included camera operational software, the user can also do long exposures for deep-sky imaging.


- CMOS 1.25 inch eyepiece style camera
- Spectral response: > 1.0um (good for Venus night side imaging with appropriate filter)
- Pixels: 2.9 x 2.9 um (Sony Exmore Starvis)
- Interface: USB3
- Clear window filter for keeping dust off the image sensor
- Extra 1.25 inch C-mount nosepiece
- Frame Rate/s: 126 fps at 1920 x 1080 window (ROI cropped yields higher speeds)
- 2.0 metre USB3 cable
- 2.0 metre Auto-Guiding cable
- CD with imaging video and still capture software plus ASCOM driver
- Length (inserted): 34mm
- Length (overall): 50mm
- Weight: 65 gms

Supported Software for this camera includes:

PHD Guiding
MaxIm DL
Fire Capture
Astro Art

Will also come to focus with telescopes of limited inward focus capability like the Coronado PST solar scope.

** Recordable speeds are governed by computer processing power, memory and hard drive used.

ProStar - Concorde 290M Super Hi-Speed mono camera

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