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Prostar Deluxe Off-axis guider

Precision adjustable off-axis guiding unit for convenient and accurate auto-guiding

Ultra sharp images are best obtained by auto-guiding through an off-axis guider.

The ProStar off-axis guider provides an easy way to guide without the problems usually encountered when using a separate guide scope. Because it works along the light path of the imaging telescope you can choose a convenient bright star in the field of view and start guiding immediately.
If using an SCT you will find this extremely useful, because any mirror flop will always be compensated for.
The internal pick-off prism can be adjusted up or down. Three locking thumb screws allow for loosening and limited rotation of the camera for preferred framing.


Adjustable OAG assembly
2 inch (M48 male threaded) nosepiece
Nosepiece threaded to take standard 2 inch filters
M42 male to female spacer (40mm, 15mm, 10mm & 7mm)

Pushback length 20mm with 5mm of M42 thread either end
Weight: 250 g (with all adapters fitted)

Prostar Deluxe Off-axis guider

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