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ProStar - Focal Plane Tilt Adjuster

M48 x 0.75 female threaded focal plane tilt adjuster for astrophotography with with up to 3mm adjustment

If you're finding that one corner or edge of your image is slightly out of focus or shows elongated stars compared to the opposite side of the image, it may be one in a range of possible causes from focuser slop, seating of the CCD itself to the CCD Printed Circuit board or slight mechanical tolerances in the attachments between camera body and visual back and field flattener / reducer. Can be used anywhere in the light train where M48 threaded connections are possible and with M48 to M42 (T-2) step down.

The ProStar Focal Plane Tilt Adjuster (FPTA) allows you to make micro precision tilt angle adjustments on three axis (120 degree apart) allowing for up to 10 degree focal plane shift in the desired direction to correct for off axis light rays. Using M3 and M4 Allen keys (not supplied), fine adjustments can be made and the FPTA securely locked to the desired setting when your images present corrected field showing stars of consistent form on each opposing edge or corner of the image.


Full CNC machined black anodised
Threads: Female M48 x 0.75 mm (both ends
3 x M3 adjustment grub screws
3 x M4 locking screws
Thickness: 27mm (fully closed)
Width: 78mm
Weight: 215 gms

**Note: When using the FPTA between camera and field flattener / reducers, distance spacing should be taken into account to suit your system.

A great emergency tool to have on hand if you run into difficutlies at astrofest etc.

ProStar - Focal Plane Tilt Adjuster

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