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ProStar Trio Finderscope Mount

Supreme Trio Dovetail mounting for optical finderscopes and laser pointers or smart phone

Ever wished you could have two types or even tree finderscopes mounted at the same or perhaps you're using one of our finder/guide scopes and would like to have a visual finder and lightweight guide scope on the same Vixen style finder shoe to keep weight down.
Now you can!. This lovely made dual mounting fits directly to your telescopes standard Vixen style finderscope mounting shoe.

Fit either two optical finders, a lightweight guide scope / finder and smaller optical finder like 6X30 or 9X50 or one optical finderscope plus a laser pointer for extra convenience. Whatever your needs, this rigid three way mounting is the answer.

Fits all standard Vixen style dovetail finderscope shoes like those used in Sky-Watcher, Saxon gso, Orion and others.
From base to upper centre pier base height is approximtely 50mm and roughly 40mm either side.

Also features dual point locking screws for extra secure grip in each finder shoe.

Has 1/4 inch Whitworth threaded mounting hole on the underside of the mounting so it can be attached and used with a camera tripod.

ProStar Trio Finderscope Mount

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