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ProStar - Universal Swivel Finder Mount

Swivel positioning finderscope mounting with 360 degree azimuth and 16 degree altitude adjustment

There are so many using things we can mount to our telescopes using its exisiting Vixen style finderscope mounting shoe.

Why not add a light-weight guide scope, a laser pointer or piggyback a camera ?

Our new ProStar Universal Finder Mount is a beautifully made, all metal contructed mounting platform that will open a host of possibilities for any telescope owner. This super flexible semi-sphere based universal finder mount slips straight into your Sky-Watcher or Vixen telescope finderscope shoe just like the base of your finderscope mounting bracket.It features its own finder show with three locking scews for extra security of say a guide scope etc.

The hole unit can be rotated through 360 degrees and offers up to plus 8 degree upward or minus 8 degree downward tilt. Both axis are locked in to place securely with a single lever.

The possibilities are many not only as a telescope finder retrofit but may other projects.


- Fully black anodise metal construction
- 360 degree rotating head
- 16 degrees elevation adjustment (from horizontal +8 or -8)
- 3 knurlsed chrome locking screws
- Locking leaver
- Vixen finder foot (base) and shoe (receiver)
- Weight 230 gms

ProStar - Universal Swivel Finder Mount

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