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ProStar Visual M42 / 1.25 inch adaptor

Highly recommended adaptor with female M42 x 0.75mm, 1.25-inch compression ring holder and male M42 x 0.75mm thread output

A super handy 1.25 inch eyepiece adaptor with female T-thread (M42) at one end and male T-thread (M42) at the other for a wide variety of uses. Can be used in reverse depending on what configuration you need. Connect an eyepiece for visual use or attach a T-ring camera for astrophotography.

Perfect replacement for Sky-Watcher / Saxon or Orion telescopes 1.25 inch visual adaptors providing compression ring with 3 point thumb screws for secure and centred eyepiece or camera attachment.

Features fully CNC machined adaptor
Black anodised
Puchshback Length = 20mm
Accepts 1.25 inch eyepieces with 3 x chrome thumb screws and compression ring.
T-thead (M42 0.75) female thread
T-thead (M42 0.75) male thread
Weight: 0.075 gms

Highly recommended retrofit for many Newtonian and Refractor visualback adaptors where a M42 male thread exists. Highly recommended for accurate coupling and centring of planetary cameras.

ProStar Visual M42 / 1.25 inch adaptor

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