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Saxon 300mm Newtonian GOTO telescope

**This item requires a freight quote & cannot be ordered online. Please contact us via email or phone to obtain a freight quote**


Excellent 12-inch F/5 Newtonian on sturdy NEQ6 GoTo mount with SynScan 4

The magnificent Saxon / Sky-Watcher 305mm Newtonian is equipped with a fully computerized NEQ6 Pro mount and is the new standard in affordable, heavy-duty GOTO, featuring fully enclosed, dual-axis DC stepper motors and self-pointing electronics that can pinpoint the location of any celestial target in its object databank of over 40,000 entries. Whisper quiet stepper motors and SynScan hand controller will guide you through the night sky. The primary mirror is made from high-grade Pyrex glass and produces superb diffraction-limited images. Includes mounting rings, polished setting circles, illuminated polar scope, SynScan V3 upgradable controller, 2" focuser, 2" eyepiece, a 2-in-1.25-in eyepiece adapter, and a 9x50 finderscope.

Aperture: 300mm (12-inch)
Focal Length: 1500mm - f/5
Tube Weight 21 Kg
Highest practical power: 650x
Resolving power (arc sec 0.38)
Finderscope: Large 9x50
Focuser: 2inch 10:1 dual speed Crayford with 1.25 in adaptor
Motor drive: Stepper built-in dual axis
Heavy Duty Tube Rings with 70mm wide mounting plate
Polar Scope: Built-in with southern hemisphere reticle
Piggyback bracket for tracking photography: Yes
Accessory tray: Yes
4 counterwieghts 5.1kg each
Tripod: Sturdy Stainless steel 2-inch extendable tube legs

NEQ6 MOUNT: This extra heavy-duty mount is the largest in Sky-Watcher mount family. Specially designed to support large telescope tubes. This high-precision equatorial mount features engraved aluminum setting circles and a latitude scale, built-in polarscope for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere use, large R.A. and dec locking clamps, electric slow-motion controls on both axes, and retractable counterweight shaft and counterweight. The strong and rigid field tripod is remarkably stable with adjustable height, incorporating 2"-diameter steel tripod legs. We highly recommend this mount.

This is an excellent astronomical telescope for studying the Moon, planets and deep sky. Note stocks are limited and special reserve orders may need to be made. Shipping cost may vary from our standard so please check when ordering.


**This item requires a freight quote & cannot be ordered online. Please contact us via email or phone to obtain a freight quote**

Saxon 300mm Newtonian GOTO telescope

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