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Saxon - ScopePix Smartphone Camera adapter

Mount your smart phone securely to your telescope eyepiece and take photos of the Moon and planets with ease

Easy way to use the often great cameras built-in to a smartphone. This very affordable, practicle and versatile camera mount allows you to clamp your mobile phone securely on to the bracket and your favorite eyepiece. Use a zooming eyepiece for even more great pictures.

Simply adjust the phones camera iris into position centred over the eyepiece and tighten into place. The eyepiece clamp uses a very strong three point gripping clamp that self centres using a helical type twist lock hand dial.

Use with a telescope or field spotting scope.


- Universal 3 point grip helical twist-lock eyepiece clamp
- Weight only 80 gms
- Opening width: 5.5 cm to 9 cm

Saxon - ScopePix Smartphone Camera adapter

SKU: 645001
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