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Sky Rover Ultra Flat Field eyepieces

Prices starting from $225.00.


Introducing the new line of eyepieces from Sky Rover - the Ultra Flat Field line.


The Ultra Flat Field line is a truly universal line of eyepieces of outstanding performance regardless of the telescope that you use.   These are not an ordinary line of eyepieces.


These UltraFlat Field Eyepiece feature a high quality standard and a very compact design, which is designed to remove the field curvature at the edge, resulting in a flat, distortion-free image up to the edge of the visible field of view, even in very fast (for example  f/4) telescopes.  A truly universal set of eyepieces for all telescope types.


These eyepieces have generously large eyelenses with eye relief ranging from 16mm to 29mm, with foldable eye-rubber allow a comfortable view.  All lens elements have a broad-band-multicoating (FMC) and blackened lens edges.   Barrels equipped with a thread for either 2" or 1.25" filters.

If you have a Newtonian telescope, the only aberration to be seen is coma - NO astigmatism.   Use with a coma corrector suited to the f/ratio of your Newtonian for pin-sharp edge-to-edge views.


We have tested all of the eyepieces in the Ultra Flat Field line in 8 different telescope designs and different focal ratios - we are truely amazed at the quality of image, contrast and ease of use across all the telescopes used.  A truly universal set of eyepieces with outstanding performance.


Features of these eyepieces:
* 2" or 1.25" barrels (depending on eyepiece model) with integrated filter thread
* Large upper field lens for comfortable viewing
* Suitable for eyeglasses users
* Image quality only limited by the aberrations inherent to the telescope and focal length

* Textured rubber grip
* High quality fully multi-coated


Model    Barrel Size   Eye Relief   Weight   AFOV   Eye Lens   Lenses/Groups   Field Stop

30mm             2"                 22mm        556g        70°         46mm                9/5                     38.0mm

24mm           1.25"             29mm        331g         65°         35mm                8/5                     30.2mm

18mm           1.25"             20mm        206g        65°          27mm                8/5                     23.4mm

15mm           1.25"              16mm        136g        65°          15mm                8/5                     19.6mm

10mm           1.25"              16mm          80g        60°         17mm                 5/4                     14.7mm


Each eyepiece comes with:

Dust Caps

Cleaning Cloth



Prices starting from  $225.00

Sky Rover Ultra Flat Field eyepieces

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