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Thousand Oaks Solar Filter 5-inch clear aperture

Type 2 Plus #5750 Thousand Oaks 5.75-inch (146mm ID) Solar Safety Filter

Suitable for C-102, M- 4500, DS-127, M-4 APO, Sky Max 127, Tak FS-102, Tak-106 N, Tak FSQ-106, Vixen 102, Wm. Optics ZS110 APO

Type 2 Plus are made with high quality hand select glass coated with our exclusive Solar II Plus. The most durable glass filter on the market. Transmission is 1/1,000th of 1% (Optical Density 5). Great for both visual and photographic use. Solar image is yellow-orange. Guaranteed fifteen years.

Filters are supplied with adhesive felt liners to pad out fitting to slightly smaller telescope outside diameters.

** Note: before ordering, please make sure to measure the outside diameter at front of your telescope to ensure it falls inside the aperture filter ID (inside diameter) as noted above**

Thousand Oaks Solar Filter 5-inch clear aperture

SKU: 5750
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