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Vixen - POLARIE Polar Fine Adjustment Unit

Fine polar alignment adjustment system for use with Polarie and AP Star trackers

The Polar Fine Adjustment Unit is an accessory designed to install star tracking mounts such as POLARIE, and AP Star Tracker System by attaching between photographic tripod and the star tracking mount.

This device allows to make fine adjustment in horizontal and vertical direction when installing a polar axis scope.

-The pan-mount head which is exclusively designed to precisely fit to the bottom of star trackers can be secured or removed with a single screw.
- The twin screw system for both tilt-angle and azimuth adjustment assures fine motion and rigid lock.
- The widely adjustable tilt-angle from 0 degree ~ 85 deg permits use in various different locations and situations.

Pan-Mount Head: Quick Release Screw Attachment with 1/4" Screw
Tilt Angle Adjustment: Fine adjustment range: ±15 deg. Possible in 3-step from low (0 degrees ~ 30 degree), middle (30 deg ~ 60 deg),
Max.Loading Capacity: Approx. 7kg
Azimuth Adjustment Fine adjustment range: ±15 degrees, with twin screw in 5.7 degrees per rotation.
Tripod type: Photographic tripod (using 1/4", 3/8" screw)
Weight: 300g
Applicable Instrument: POLARIE Star Tracker, AP Star Tracking System
Dimensions: 51 x 73 x 49 mm

Vixen - POLARIE Polar Fine Adjustment Unit

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