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Customer Testimonials

Thank you to all the following customers who take the time to write us and for their permissions to publish their e-mails and letters. Listed here are but a few...


Loving the Gstar ex3 camera. Best investment I've made in a while and so easy to use. See some first light images attached. Looks like I'll be saving up for the Ex4 now :-) Thanks again 
Stephen Kirby (QLD)

Thanks so much! You guys have amazing customer service!

S. Eldridge (VIC)

Hi Steve
As you know I received the new GStar-ex3 camera for Christmas and although I was fighting with some clouds I straight away could tell it is way much better performer than the old gstar clr colour mdel I bought some years ago. The colours as far as I can tell are way better and the resolution is just amazing. But as you know learning new software to drive it was a bit of a challenge for me anyway since I was used to the old gstar4 but you have been great guiding me with the best settings to try as always and now I'm getting some really great results. Not many shops can be bothered helping at the level you do after they've sold you something so thank you again, it really is a great camera ! p.s have attached a tarantula image.
Mike Devis (NSW) 

I really appreciate your help and you have been great every step from my wife purchasing the scope from you to assisting in ensuring I have the right gear.
Excellent service and quality of parts.

D.Ferraro (NSW)

Thank you ever so much for the great service, I wasn't expecting to get it prior to Christmas given I bought on such short notice. Thank you for the fantastic customer service with keeping me up to date and I hope you enjoy the holidays.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Kieran (W.A)

Hi guys
Just read your recent face book about the Prostar guide cameras an it prompted me to drop a message to say a big thanks for suggesting it and sorry for all the lengthy initial questions. Its very easy to install and use for my mount set up and I found it a breeze. So much better than my old and more expensive orion guide camera which I have just now sold. I hope you like the images attached, I still need to learn more about color processing but am very pleased with the results. The Prostar lp cam is wonderful and now I am finally being productive. I have yet to try taking pictures of the moon and planets with it but I can see from some pictures already it also does this very well. I am happy to recommend this camera to anyone and thanks again for all the helpful information.
Jim Classon (USA)

Hi Guys and Gals...Just letting you know my item has arrived and I'm extremely happy !!
Great to know I finally found a great shop for all my needs !!
Have a great weekend and thanks so much again.

Phillip Mowbray (NSW)

Hi Steve
Just wanted to let you know I had the 12” Sky-watcher up and running all last Saturday/Sunday night and it was an excellent performer ! I ran it straight off the two big 150ahr kickass batteries in the observatory control shed using 2 X 5m 12V extension cords with cigarette lighter sockets on each end, worked a treat.
The scope was very easy to setup and use and when the best two alignment stars (on opposite sides of the meridian and at similar altitudes) were used the goto's were very accurate, e.g. using Formalhaut and Sirius after midnight it was putting everything, all over the sky, in a 10mm eyepiece, I couldn’t believe it!
Looking skyward and up out of our galactic plane, it gave me great views of all the juicy galaxies up at the moment like NGC’s 253 which was very bright and showed clear mottling, 247, 55 300, 289 etc.. I zoomed around using the tour function and that was fun and several planetary nebula looked great too.
The resolution was pretty good too, in the pre dawn hours when the air steadied all 6 stars in the Trapezium were perfect tiny well separated pinpoints.Just before midnight my property host Peter came home from work and came out for a look and I spent over an hour showing him things and explaining our Universe to him…needless to say he was amazed at both the scope and the sky.
While doing all this observing my Orion Optics UK AG12 was chugging away inside the nearby dome collecting hours of data on a fantastic galaxy (final image to be released soon) I took Pete inside the dome to show him what a difference a modern CCD detector could show in a 10min exposure through a 12” Newtonian compared to what your naked eye sees at the eyepiece of a 12” Newtonian…he was gobsmacked!
Thanks for a great telescope that is sure to give not only myself but many other people many hours of enjoyment.
A very happy

M.Sidonio (ACT)

Hi Steve .would just to take the opportunity to say thankyou for all the advice .I used my new telescope Celestron CGEM 925 HD for first time exceeding my expectations.Will be recommending astroshop to all my friends. 
G.Rooney (QLD) 

This email is to thankyou for your great service you have supplied to me with the purchase of the eq5 mount and the dovetail, both items have arrived.
I will be most certainly buying from you again and recommend you to friends again thanks. 

Graeme Bracht (TAS)

Hi Guys
Thanks for the fast delivery of the ProStar 2" CLS filter. It is every bit as good as you said it would be Steve and performs way better than the Celestron filter of similar performance claims I bought some years ago. Guess there must be better ways or processes used to make these things today. Can now see nebula and some galaxies in more detail even near the moon with my old dob. Thanks again

Garry Johnson (NSW)

I received the parcel of small accessories on Thursday 20th and the telescope on Monday 24th - all in good condition! Many thanks for the prompt service. The fun bit starts now as I put it all together and start our sky experience.
Your excellent advice helped me be confident in the final choices made and the extra flip mirror is greatly appreciated. Just speaking to somebody who knows how to put a package together and advise on the best options has given me great confidence and enthusiasm.

John Croft (QLD)

Hi Steve
Thanks for all your time on the phone and replying to my numerous emails. Everything is working fine now and I sadly realise now that the people down here were not quite the experts they claim to be. I'm sorry I didn't know about the Astro Shop back then but am happy to give credit where credit is due and you guys will certainly be getting my business in future. It's a steep learning curve as you said and I really appreciate you patience to help me sort things out on something that wasn't even your sale. Perhaps you could look at increasing your internet presence so that others won't fall for the trap I did, as I am sure many have. Thanks so much and I am really impressed with the Baader eyepieces btw.. , the Zoom 3 is very nice :-)

John S. (VIC)

Hi Astroshop
Just a quick thank you for the fast delivery on the ProStar LRGBC filters. After losing my astrodon set I was pretty devastated especially given how much I paid for them, and still haven't found them yet :[ but the new filters are very good and the quality or difference rather in the colour composite with my SBIG the other night was unnoticeable compared to previous images with the lost set...I'm a little surprised you don't promote these more... they are great value and the pain of my lost set doesn't hurt so much now.
G.Parkes (VIC)

re> Moravian G1-300 Planetary Camera and Auto-guider
One word for this mutli-use super sensitive camera / guider – Brilliant!! It’s lightweight physically but a heavyweight performer. I really like the concept whereby the Moravian SIPS software controls the camera to simply take a frame, move the mount, pauses to take another frame and then compares the two to set calibration in RA+ , RA-, Dec + and Dec - works very well. Its simple and quick to use (less than a minute) and works well driving my NEQ6 precisely. The camera also performs nicely as a general imaging camera for many DSO's, planetary and lunar work as well.
Just dumped the old dead SSAG and QHY PhD set and am very please I invested in this device – for a lot less than double the cost of the SSAG. Thanks once again for the great service and hands-on advice.

D.Price (QLD)

As always; AstroShop communications was great and I was kept informed of ordering status, store stock and shipping advice and all up it took 2 or 3 days to find it’s way to my work place. I must say I have always had a great experience from AstroShop and cannot recommend them highly enough.

A.Grimshaw (QLD)

Just writing to thank you very much for the great scope and gear I purchased from you recently for the Total Solar Eclipse in Cairns. The Vixen ED80 is as sharp as a tack - brilliant!
Stephen Permezel (N.T.) see gallery of images here
Over the last few years I have purchased a number of different types of eyepieces ranging from the cheaper generic types to Nagler and Baader all of varying focal lengths. Recently I purchased the Vixen LVW42 Lanthanum 2-inch eyepiece. The only issue I have with this eyepiece is how mediocre it makes all my other ones seem. The contrast, depth of view and clarity are unsurpassed, it is hard to feel bothered to put any other eyepiece in once I start an observing session.

Glen Hills (QLD)

Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know that the vixen xy guider is every bit as good as your review said it was! Looks like I have solved my guider flexure issues are now solved and am getting far better pics now. Thanks heaps

Terry Mould (NSW)

I thought I’d put in writing my sincere and deep appreciation of your efforts over the past 4 days in supporting the Townsville Astronomy Group in developing their astro- photographic skills. One hears often about customer service being important which is just as often only lip service but you have broken the mould by travelling 3000 kms in your own time to advise and guide a bunch of rank amateurs over three nights and days and for no monetary reward at all.  
This is the mark of a dedicated professional and the epitome of customer service and I especially recommend anyone interested in this field to talk to you for honest, impartial and most importantly , professional advice.

Dave and Eileen Price (QLD)

Thanks for processing and shipping my order so fast...We finally had clear skies with no wind last night, even though the temp dropped below zero C it was a great chance to try out the Vixen eyepieces and, I'm rather impressed with the quality over the standard Celestron 20mm eyepiece which came with my second hand EQ130. My second hand 12mm Lanthanum Vixen eyepiece also turned my head, it's amazing.
I know you're busy people, just wanted to say thanks for the help and great service and, share a couple of pictures we took last night.

Leo Atkinson (NSW)

I received my camera earlier this week.
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for a fast, efficient service. We have taken the camera for a run and are very happy with our purchase. In the internet world its very easy to forget to say thank you when you have received great service.
So well done to you. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Mark Godden (VIC)

... thanks for the fast delivery. Have to say I am very impressed with the new planet cam compared to the Neximage camera I bought from you last year. I gave that away to a neighbour who is just starting out and can help him with it. The new camera is great!! even just for snapshots of the moon using the gstar software but with video stacked images the Saturn image I sent you from last week was so much better than I had done with the Celestron camera and much easier colour adjustment than the neximage. Last night the seeing was'nt very good but it was easy to see features of Mars and the colour looked great. I would definitely recommend the planet cam to anyone with tight finances or wanting to experiment who is looking for a good high resolution camera to get started with especially for the price.

Stephen Levitan (NSW) 

Hi fellas, you were absolutely right about the Quantum filter wheel! It is really well made, so much better low profile and the software is easy to use to but am using the Ascom driver with another program (see first image from last week) and it solves the inward focus problem. Just got to get rid of this other old wheel now. Thanks again for the suggestion

P. Christie (NSW)

The attention & care to detail I have received over the years , from both yourself & Vince, are the very reasons I chose to deal with you in the first place. I look forward to our future dealings, in all matters Astronomical.
Sincerely yours,

Clay Reid (SA)

...I did forget to mention to you on the phone the other day, the Vixen LVW eyepiece and filter set is awesome. The construction and workmanship of the product is second to none. I'm very happy to say, in purchasing my equipment, I made the right choice in who to deal with, the service is impeccable and the support you give is outstanding, thank you Steve.

Dean Jones (NSW)

Hi Guys
Excellent refurbishment on my C-9.25 worth every cent! I only wish I'd got it from you guys in the first place. Not sure it was ever right but collimation is something I have always been troubled with since I got this baby back in '07. The mirror looks brand new ..what did you do?!?!? and the view of Jupiter last night was amazing and way better than before. Even the outside clean of the tube made it all seem fresh and new bought :-) Will get those ep's you mentioned too thank you.

Stephen Handley (NSW) 

Hello Steve,
Telescope, eyepieces and collimation tool (thanks for this upgrade!) all received OK.
The 12" Dob looks great! It saw first light last weekend and I was very impressed with its performance.
I would like to thank you for your friendly service and professional advice on eyepieces.
I look forward to buying more stuff from AstroShop in the near future and of course, I will recommend AstroShop to my friends.

Clear skies!
Hans (QLD)

Hey Steve, I just wanted to say that myself and Leanne had a fantastic night..... Thanks for taking the time to show us how to set up and use my telescope.... We saw more stars in one night than what I've seen in the last year and a half. You and Graham did a great job showing us a taste of what's to come with our Astrophotography. I would not buy anywhere else ( you would have to be crazy ) buying elsewhere when you get such service as we did tonight.

Dave Johnstone (QLD)

Your service thus far has been second to none. For a 'very' amateur astronomer like myself, getting started has been made all the more easier with your helpful advice - keep up the great work!

George Atsalis (S.A)

Dear Steve, Vince & everybody else at Myastroshop.
I'd like to thank you all for the timely supply, & more importantly the after sales service on my purchase of the 14" Skywatcher Synscan Dob. In my opinion, what makes a great place to deal with is the support after the fact. Thank you so much team Myastroshop!
John Earl (QLD)

Hi guys,
I just wanted to provide some feedback on my new Skywatcher 8in GOTO dob. (StarGazer Pack 4)
It arrived today, very well packed and I had it assembled in under an hour. I am astonished at the quality, this is extremely well constructed for the price...
Lucky enough to get clear skies on the first night out. I did a 2-star alignment with the southern cross and Sirius (about the only 2 stars I know :-), then straight into the guided tour on the SynScan controller... first up Orion Nebula. The scope slewed over and centred it perfectly, the image just leapt out of the 25mm eye-piece! I could clearly resolve the four stars in the Trapezium surrounded by the wispy nebula. Onto the Jewel Box... beautiful colours. Will come back to that one for some astrophotography.
I searched some named stars like Procyon, Acrux, Alpha Centauri - the two binary stars bright and easily visible.
Finally I opened up the southern sky atlas, and searched for a few NGC objects. Found a great globular cluster NGC 5286 in Centauri. The view even matched your Southern Atlas photo!
I am just so amazed and impressed with this scope, it really was so easy to setup and the views are stunning. I was so excited I had to email you before I went to bed after tonight's session and send you a huge thank you! (its now 1.30am)
...Issue with the power supply was no biggy, I checked with Vince who was very helpful and advised on the rating required :-)

cheers, J. Edwards (VIC)

Hi Steve
Well I had no idea putting two and two together that the Atlas of the southern sky is your handy work with Steve Quirk and what a fine book it is! Thank you for the Williams eyepieces which arrived in record time ;-) and congratulations to you and Mr.Quirk for producing a thoroughly excellent book and second time around :-). As a reasonably seasoned amateur astronomer, it is both a treat and reassuring to know that true amateur astronomers that actually get out under the stars and do this stuff are also in the business of telescope supply with quality advice and without all the hard sell stuff.
Keep up the great work

G.Farrell (QLD)

No query - just a thanks to Vince (my phone run out of power when we were talking on Saturday so sorry about when it cut out). Thanks for helping with my late xmas order - particularly as it was a Saturday. You certainly did all you could to help me and that is greatly appreciated.

R.Stewart (ACT)

Thanks for your great support in my latest purchasing spree. Your true professionalism, knowledge, speed and reliability of service is a marvel. I will never hesitate to do business with you as your products seem endless.

Bob at Takura Observatory (QLD)

I just want to say how much I enjoy using my new Hotech laser collimator which you recommended. I have to trolley my 12 inch dobsonian over quite a lot of bumpy ground to reach my observing positions on my small farm at Braidwood. That risks losing any collimation settings I've done in the shed. The Hotech is just such a pleasure, and so easy, to use. I now trolley out first and then collimate the secondary and primary with the Hotech. Lovely results with star testing showing my best ever collimations. Thanks and regards, 

E.Cochrane (ACT)

Hello Steve,
Received the G-star camera in crack time so thank you. It is every bit as good as you say and after a little fiddling I think I have it sorted now being my first time in astro photography and now having a better understanding about exposures. The view on our tv is amazing! and much better than anything I ever see in the eyepiece. Barb and I still need to learn a bit more about using the video capture software but we are thrilled. Might not need a bigger telescope after all. 

Stan WIlliams (VIC)

Dear Steve,
Thanks again for your help, nice to meet you and do business with you, you made it very easy for me.
I received the telescope and books yesterday afternoon (that was a relief) and was surprised at how quickly it had arrived.
I am just writing to you to tell you how much my husband loves the SW880 telescope i bought from you for his 40th birthday.I knew he would and he absolutely loves it. He uses it whenever he as the opportunity.

Sylvia.Reed (S.A)

Hi Steve,
This is fantastic. I received it (very surprised) this morning. I am very happy with the quick service I received. Not even 18 hours after ordering!. If only most web stores were as good as yours.
Thanks once again,

D. Sneddon (QLD)

Hi Steve
Thanks for the great advice and fast delivery once again. Though I put you through the ringer and saved a few bucks on the scope I sincerely appreciate the advice and what a great scope the Skywatcher is! Dealing with you is always a pleasure especially since you back what you say from experience and have not disappointed yet. Love the new book too mate, congratulations to you and Steve Quirk. Will be in touch for some accessories soon. 

Bill Davies (QLD)

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